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"Haydarpaşa From Tophane"

Oil on canvas

32 x 53 cm

signed in old Turkish

Provenance: Prof. Dr. Ayhan Arguner Collection

Estimated Value: 150.000-225.000 TL

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Buyer's Premium: 10% V.A.T.: 30,800.00 TL Total Amount: 184,800.00 TL

Feyhaman Duran

Feyhaman Duran

Feyhaman Duran (1886 – 1970)

Feyhaman Duran, one of the first portrait painters of Republican period Turkey, is among the group called "1914/Çallı Generation" painters or "Turkish Impressionists". Feyhaman Duran, who produced mainly portrait-type works throughout his artistic life, created his works by combining an academic understanding of pattern and the colorist attitude of the impressionists, like other artists in the 1914 Generation. Feyhaman Duran also tried to remain faithful to the features of his models; but he also transferred his impressionist sensitivity to his brush. He was found to be more successful in portraits of people he knew closely; because he was able to reflect the inner world of his model on the canvas. It is understood that the artist, who often paints outdoors, has an endless love for nature. He put on canvas what he felt about the colors and lights in nature, sometimes with enthusiastic and complex brush strokes, sometimes with a calm and measured expression, depending on the subject. He gave great importance to the color element, and the balancing of color spots turned into solid, impressive compositions in his hands. The artist, who depicted important figures during the Republic period in his portraits, also painted many portraits of Atatürk in this context. By using clothes and accessories proportionately and without suppressing the subject of the portrait, he emphasized pattern strength, light-shadow harmony, tone-value accuracy and strong color sense. This balanced attitude he created in his portraits prevented the general expression from being overwhelmed by details and successfully reflected his inner world as well as his external appearance.

Source: Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum