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Mixed media on cardboard

48,5 x 69


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Adnan Turani

Adnan Turani

ADNAN TURANİ (1925 - 2016)

Turani was born in Istanbul in 1925. After he studied in Istanbul Teachers' School, he graduated from the Painting-Work department of Gazi Education Institute in Ankara. He went to Germany with a state scholarship where he worked in the studios of Franz Nagel, Henninger, Baumeister and Trökes. Paintings of Turani, portray a work discipline based on searching the possibilities of transcendency on a series of color “procedure” that complement eachother and enhance the inherited core of nature at the level of abstract analyses, searches the dimensions of dynamism of visuality from one painting to the other. He likes to navigate the borders of paint to the limit where painting is converted to color and highlight the truth where the pictorial shape is open to unlimited possibilities.

Adnan Turani’s art usually has a colorist attitude that makes you think as a linear one. Behind the arabesque line where one may think that all begins with color and all ends with color, he tries to show his pure existence behind the color curtain which is a constant cry for his drive for the quest. This quest is not a mere sontaneous search or an aimless ride. In his latest paintings we can see the important progress made in his practical lineation nurtured by the opportunities of abstract art in ancient Turkish calligraphy. This is more then just a mere effort made in calligraphy for Adnan Turani, but to understand this abstract and modernist painting made with calligraphy, based upon the extent of agreement on practical lineage, gains more importance as a starting point. Adnan Turani passed away in Ankara in 2016.