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Henri Barbasse Escalier "A"

Mixed media on craft

63x47 cm

signed, 1945

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Fikret Mualla

Fikret Mualla

FİKRET MUALLA (1903 - 1967)

He was born in 1903 in Istanbul. He went to Germany to study engineering. Fikret Mualla gave himself to the free formation of his instincts instead of a regular education. He visited museums in Switzerland and Italy. He settled in Paris in 1939. Fikret Mualla, with his tragic life and depressions, was the first Turkish artist to open the doors of our contemporary painting to the western world with his unique personality and personality, and to make his name mentioned in western sources. In his paintings, which he usually drew with gouache on colored background papers, his talent emerged as an artist whose talent had begun to take shape in the early years. Contrary to the irregularity and disorder in his life, his paintings reflect an artist's attitude dominating the subject and style. Paris's entertainment venues, drinking halls, people strolling on the street, cafes are displayed in a colorful expression in Fikret Mualla's large and small paintings. He died in Paris in 1967. His works are in various international museums and private collections.