Burhan Doğançay - "Manifestation" - Grego Serisi'nden

Lot 51 Burhan Doğançay - "Manifestation" - Grego Serisi'nden

Lot 51 "Manifestation" - Grego Serisi'nden

Burhan Dogancay was aware from early on that he hated brıck walls. He often pondored on what could be done to make them more beautiful, but he always arrived at the same answer: It would be too costly. Then he discovered Grego’s walls. Walking in SoHo one day in 1900, he saw before him five painted bricks, proudly signed GREGO, who was probably a phantom graffiti artist. Instantly Dogancay realized that he had his answer, and planning began. Another series of walls would be made with painted bricks as their support system, and every wall would be dedicated to Grego. In fact they would be Grego’s walls. “Burhan Dogancay Retrospektif”, 2001. Page 70.

Mixed media on cardboard pasted on canvas

56 x 77 cm

1994, signed

Estimated Value: 400.000-550.000 TL

Starting Bid: 325.000 TL

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