Burhan Doğançay - "Lonely Y"

Lot 52 Burhan Doğançay - "Lonely Y"

Lot 52 "Lonely Y"

It was then that the started to delve into abstract-changable forms. The point not to be missed here is that Dogancay didn’t interpret walls with their instinsic “abstract” and”real” elements as a primary motif. That is why his paintings are hard to categorize. Buthe has created a theme that has an entirety despite the differences brought about by the visual breaks in his seriesof paintings. All these works represent different periodsandnew directionsdeveloped through certain”concepts”. The images that were formedby the shadows were nonexistent either in nature or on walls. Thei”fictional shadows” in these compositions were not formed by real three-dimensional space; the feeling of depth was created through “illusion”. But the shadows, as well as the other visual elements reached beyond the iant to be completed in the mind of viewer, this presenting a “ painting with open ends”. Necmi Sönmez, “Burhan Dogancay, Retrospektif”, Eczacıbaşı, 2001, Page: 91.

Gouche on paper

65 x 55 cm


Provenance: Yahşi Baraz

Estimated Value: 350.000-475.000 TL

Starting Bid: 280.000 TL

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