Abidin Dino - "Antibes" Serisi

Lot 77 Abidin Dino - "Antibes" Series

Lot 77 "Atibes" Series


Abidin, was never one who believed in a single understanding of painting. At the same time a painting that is accepable on all four surfaces of the earth, in the East, in the North, in the South, or a sense of art was out of the question for Abidin. The artist in Paris or for that matter the artist in Istanbul could follow a competely different path. In 1962in a discussion with Melih Cevdet Anday this is what had wrote: “ A different painting in Paris, and another in Çemişkezek how can that be? I think it can be. An artist consumed by the color of the environment, from shapes to the society they live in, fuly enwrapped with the different indistinct effects of life. It’s difficult for him to show the same reaction in Konya as in Cannes. If i didn’t fear so much from Melih I would even say that the paintings in Smatya are different then the ones in Kavaklar.”Abidin, was basing his opinion examlifying his creative activities, not corporate, (for as long as I’ve known he has always ran away from these types of theories). For him painting, was an activity in the whole meaning and sense of the world. It was a creative, personal action, a revolutionary one, a societal movement. He wanted to express himself, his existence, thought, beliefs, instincts, and one love through his paintings. Being as it is, he chose a multipathed art apprecation for himself, without criticising those artists giving them credit who d’rather ptoceed in a single pathall their lives. All these paths aare going in the same direction and no matter how different the language of the painting is, they were all leaning towards one purpose. In these three cities there is a totaly different language of Abidin’s painting. The Antibes paintings that he made between 1954-61 are on the verge of abstracticism, suficing with less color, but relying more on texture. He will open a solo exhibition in his own mother country after a long interval in 1966-67 with his watercolor and gouche Istanbul paintings. These paintings were made in Paris a product of twent years of longing. It seemed as if these multicolored, moving paintings were made by abidin, with his eyes closed during a dream of Istanbul painted onto paper. The acrylic in the 1980’s in his Pairs paintings isolated the city he lived in from people, streets even from the light and details painted as if a night view. We can say that East and West meet in these paintings of three cities. Ferit Edgü, “Abidin Dino - Üç Şehir”, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayınları, 1996. Sayfa 2,3 5,6.

Oil on canvas

65 x 80 cm


Provenance: Private Colelction, Noyon, France

Estimated Value: 180.000-325.000 TL

Starting Bid: 150.000 TL

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